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3 Ways to Benefit from Your Excess Carrier’s Catastrophic Claims Expertise

With extensive industry claims handling experience, your excess carrier can be a strong ally in navigating the most complex claims. Their access to specialized resources can make all the difference in ensuring the well-being of an injured worker.

April 8, 2024

Managing high-exposure, catastrophic claims requires particular expertise and sensitivity. By nature, your excess workers’ compensation carrier is well-versed in dealing with the most severe workplace injuries, giving them a deeper understanding of what to expect and what challenges may arise.

“Catastrophic injuries occur in only 0.5% of work-related accidents so it is rare for the average claim adjuster to know everything that is needed,” said Stephen Peacock, Assistant Vice President – Client Engagement at Safety National. “Your excess carrier handles these unique and complicated cases every day, so they have the expertise and resources to help return an injured worker’s life to a sense of normalcy.”

These exclusive benefits offered by your excess carrier can help manage high costs associated with catastrophic claims while prioritizing an injured worker’s care.

1. Collaborative Partnerships

Timely and transparent team collaboration throughout the claim is key to the successful long-term management of catastrophic claims. Resources between the excess claim manager, insured, and TPA should be established early to aid in creating the best possible outcome for an injured worker. These resources can help identify and resolve barriers as they arise, move treatment forward, and mitigate long-term exposure. Catastrophic claims are a journey, so it is helpful to anticipate the potential barriers that may prevent an injured worker from successfully resolving their claim.

2. Dedicated Medical Management Team

Your excess carrier’s vast experience often brings a team of in-house nurses and/or physicians with extensive catastrophic medical experience and, sometimes, actual claims handling experience. They can provide medical treatment oversight, mitigate medical exposure, and maximize medical outcomes for catastrophically injured workers. These experts routinely handle the worst medical conditions, so they have resources and contacts nationwide available for assistance or consultation.

3. Key Vendor Relationships

Partnerships with national vendors provide cost-effective outcomes on many items necessary to enhance the long-term care experience for an injured worker. Tackling the ever-increasing inpatient hospital bills and surgery costs can feel insurmountable in a catastrophic claim. Your excess carrier can work with bill review companies to significantly cut costs, even after the usual state fee schedule reductions.

For home modification needs, an excess carrier can help find an expert contractor familiar with workers’ compensation, ADA rules, and permits who can help recommend the best solutions. If an injured worker may require attendant care, do not hesitate to involve your excess carrier to discuss accommodations. When settlement is not an option, they can offer valuable, competitively priced resources like premier living facilities, attendant care providers, and transportation needs.