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Claims Management

8 Short-Term Factors that Can Impact a Catastrophic Claim (Infographic)

Catastrophic claims require careful monitoring due to the potential for any action to drastically affect an injured worker’s outcome in addition to a larger financial impact on the claim. We review several short-term influences to consider.

November 6, 2023

Identifying underlying issues that could affect a patient’s recovery is critical in a complex catastrophic claim. Addressing these issues early enough could make a difference in an injured worker’s quality of life and healing process. While some factors may be more apparent, like the severity of the injury, other complications, like psychological barriers, may need further discovery.

“Employers should work closely with their excess carrier to help manage these complicated claims because carriers can provide expert medical oversight,” said Tyler Smith, Senior Claims Manager at Safety National. “Carriers can assist in the coordination of care and utilization of comprehensive resources that can help identify complicating factors before they adversely affect recovery potential.”

Many factors can adversely impact an injured worker’s condition and prevent an optimal outcome. Here are a few that need to be investigated when handling a catastrophic claim.