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Risk Management

Reopening Building Systems Safely During COVID-19

As the federal mask mandate is set to expire in September, employers are reinforcing robust engineering controls to safely reintegrate workers back into buildings. Our latest safety guide can help prioritize office safety strategies.

June 4, 2021

With over 137 million people fully vaccinated, many employers are now considering returning workers to physical workspaces full-time or in a hybrid model. However, proper safety measures are necessary for both employees’ well-being and comfortability before buildings reach full capacity again.

While mask mandates may have been lifted (depending on regional guidelines), physical distancing and ventilation considerations can help reduce any potential spread of COVID-19. Unconsidered areas of opportunity, like training and signage, can also be extremely beneficial for a successful return to a physical workspace.

Download our latest guide for helpful tips and resources to reintegrate employees safely when the time is right.

Reopening Building Systems Safely During COVID-19